Angelo's Farms Gallery

Most consumers are not aware of how and where their food is grown, that is why we would like to share some images of our farms located near Barstow and Chino Hills. We grow over 120 different fruits and vegetables year round and the seasonal harvest is sold at local farmer's markets.

Good'ol Trackter
Young Orchard
red pepper
Quiet Drive
free range
Spinach Harvest
Box Salad
Follow the Leader
Hanging Grapes
Roma Tomatoes
Growing Rows
Carrot Harvest
Yellow Melon
Melon Hill
Angelo's Farms
Sweet Peppers
Watermelon Stack
Farmer Tony
Shinning Melon

Angelo's Farm in Chino Hills

Chino Hills Farm
Lettuce Rows
Angelo's Farms
Angelo's Farms
Angelo's Farms
Angelo's Farms
Angelo's Farms



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"Large scale chemical agriculture is poisoning our soils and our water, and weakening our communities. By buying direct from a family farm you can help put a stop to this unfortunate trend.

By buying organic produce from your local farmer, you are working to maintain a healthy environment, a vibrant community, and a strong and sustainable local economy for you and your kids to thrive in."